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Premature Ejaculation

Let The Excitement Continues…

“Irene: “For the initial 2-3 years our life paddled in happiness..

Then there started the problem.….

I felt he was showing some sort of inhibition in bed. Even if I took the advances, he always turned away from me. He never had the confidence to comply with my feelings.

Initially I was not pretty aware of the reason fully. On and on I tackled the cause, that he ends up reaching his peak way before I do.

He loses all his energy, stamina and excitement at the very outset itself and I leave myself as an unsatisfied soul, full of frustration and depression.

The same thing repeated many a time.

I was compelled to ask him about consulting a doctor. But to my deadly surprise he was terribly disturbed hearing this, because he felt it makes his manliness put to test.

Later on, he started avoiding me, which ended in ceasing his appearances in the bedroom. I was dejected and was not able to bear this torture and loneliness.

Out of this mental tussle and trauma, I decided to part with him. But my love towards him still lingered. Madam, I don’t want to lose him”.

Tears rollicked from her eyes.

Madam: “Please don’t get disheartened.

It is a general trait of the spouses that they will discuss any sort of domestic matters, whether it is financial planning, children‘s education, investment, new house, whatever, and even arrive at a solution, if needed.

But when it comes to the most indispensible contingency in spousal relationship, they never yield to a discussion, not even a talk, to understand the priorities or feelings of the partner.

I cannot digest why educated people like you deter from consulting a doctor.

Sexual disability is just like any other disease which needs to be addressed at the right time by the right doctor.

From your words I infer that your husband too, is going through severe depression, agony and soul pricking pain. He needs an immediate medical attention. He can be completely treated by giving sensible counseling and authentic medication by an expert doctor.

Convince him about the right treatment available. Much people have some apprehensions about the medications which they fear will harm their body.

But I can assure you, at RMH you will be blessed with the holistic herbal Unani treatment with zero side effects and in depth counseling for your rescue.

Please don’t spoil your life and togetherness, just for an ailment which can be treated completely and effectively within 2 or 3 months.

Reasons For The 'Run Out' (Quick Ejaculation)

If we diligently have a dissertation on this inability we come across these causes:

  1. Anxiety about performance.
  2. Rapport complications.
  3. Erectile dysfunction.
  4. Lack of confidence.
  5. Imbalanced hormone levels.
  6. Varied levels of neurotransmitters.
  7. Prostate or urethra related problems.
  8. Genetic traits.
Rely... Remedy... Relief...(Medication for Premature Ejaculation)

RMH vouches a stringent medico care embedded with highly efficacious herbal treatment strictly based on Unani system which elicits sexual power back in action.

No ‘One-day Magic Potion’ – The Sexual Resurrection….

Our medicines are not ‘Instant Libido Enhancers’. They are created by antediluvian research and practice which resulted in the making of a secret combination of herbal medicines, which are designed to emancipate the cause of sexual disorders from its root and recuperate the sexual power.