Penile Enhancement - Facts & Figures

The deadliest misconception in the minds of today’s youth is the thought of their penile size. If, sex being the hot topic of the millions, size of the penis becomes centre of concern for them. Most people are under the strong conviction that penile size is the sole basis of a spicy cohabitate life. They believe that it is the size of the penis that primarily matters and catches the appreciation of the partner which prolongs to a blissful sexual life. The over studded porn sites and penis enlargement advertisements flare up the imagination of the youth thus bringing a delinquency, there by evoking an inferiority complex which is more than enough to destroy the machoism and the marital life itself.

But apart from this, there are strategically relevant points that can be attributed as reasons which impede the proper functioning of the penis.

From a very tender age, males have a prone tendency to masturbate. Though masturbation cannot be set aside completely, there are some proven clinical impacts on the sexual life, if they are addicted to masturbation.

The wrong methods of masturbation like stroking very hard, causes micro injury to the penile musculature and penile vascular system which result in the shrinkage and reduction in the length and girth of penis from the actual normal size.

Another factor which is very much pertinent to this is the long time presence of erectile dysfunction. Here also due to ED, blood flow to the penile musculature reduces resulting in its shrinkage and reduction of size.

By our traditional Unani combination of herbs, the blood flow to the penis is corrected and the penile muscular nourishment is enhanced. This in turn rectifies the tissue damage, there by treats the reduction of the length and girth of the penis. When the course of medication is completed, the normal penile size will be attained with more powerful erection, good tissue nourishment and good muscle girth making it ‘BIGGER & STRONGER’.

The erectile dysfunction led shrinkage of penis causes a troublesome inferiority complex in the minds of the males. When the partner points out the satisfaction drop during the intercourse, the male with erectile dysfunction relates it with his penile size problem. This inferiority complex, as we know, cannot be cleared by medication alone. For this a due and genuine medical counselling with a relatively high know how person is compulsory. We, at RMH give compendious and judicious counseling to such patients which resulted in the complete recovery from these types of mental fervour.

Comparing one’s penile size with others and the illusionary pictures and clippings in the porn movie sites creates devastation in the psyche of the males. Ignorance being the root cause of this calamity, a premarital or a post marital counseling is an absolute need in such cases. Again, we at RMH WILL BE THE BEST AND THE SAFEST BET FOR ALL PREMARITAL & POST MARITAL COUNSELLING.

Disclaimer: All the treatments and medications at RMH are strictly based on Unani & Ayurveda systems of medicine. Our observations MAY OR MAY NOT contradict other systems of medicines. We do not endorse any sort of issues arising from this.