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Erectile Dysfunction treatment in Kerala

A Recharging Tete-a-Tete (Conversation)

It was a cozy morning full of bliss and shine. But I was in an embittered schizoid state.

I didnt know, it happened on and often.

The dilemma was exorbitantly stressful and pain staking, when I saw the pal of gloom in her eyes. The way she tried to hide the discontentment in a shell was even more painful.

How happy and serene our life was, filled with love, lust, fun and all cuddling and pampering, which really filled our body, mind and soul. I didn’t give heed to this happening in bed, till it became a habitual visitor.

But my sky rocketing career demanded high stress and risk which in turn resulted in a sedentary life style, boozing bouts and smoking.

At the outset, I was not aware that I was losing the grip on my conjugal bliss, when the intimacy, the stress relieving love making all vanished. I realized that I no longer would be able to see the glow and love in her eyes, never I could feel the contented sooth in her soul, that could take her to a deep pacifistic sleep.

To my shattered life came the savior, a man in his late 60’s. He somehow had a notion that some pervading grief was haunting me from time to time. There need not be a long lasting acquaintance for a soulful interaction like this. I was unaware at that time; the man was going to redefine my life.

His words still linger and rebound in my memory: ”See, first of all bear in mind this is a common issue or disorder that can happen to any man anytime. It is like any other ailment .Why young people like you with good education and knowledge turn away from consulting a doctor.

Many people seek the help of instant libido enhancers to overcome this issue which is as if unknowingly taking venom as medicine.

If you have a cohabitate issue, consult an expert doctor is the first and foremost advice, as an old man, I can give, because I too had experienced this type of a bad situation myself.

But I set aside that panic and sought the help of a doctor, from where I got the complete knowhow and treatment.

Whatever be the reason, may be some sort of erection problem caused by stress or your sedentary life style or some physical problem, they have the perfect treatment”.

His words enthralled me and I threw away my inhibition and rushed to the doctor. With his proper guidance, counseling and pure herbal medication, I swear, I overcame what all inabilities I had. Now I feel really rejuvenated but what made me happier was the contented glow in her eyes back.

So Rahul, don’t get worried or inhibited about this. It is common; men like you staying abroad, away from their spouses can also be prone to this. So, do visit a doctor, preferably an herbal physician. If I suggest, I ask you to opt for RMH, who are the pioneers to treat any sort of sexual ailments with their counselling and natural herbal medicine with zero side effects. Don’t get disillusioned, a tranquil life is awaiting. Go ahead, plunge into that rejuvenated life and feel the real bliss by seeking the treatment from RMH.

Meticulous reasons behind this trauma can be:

Before discoursing the causes, let us evaluate the symptoms for Sexual Weakness:

  1. Occasional Inability to obtain a full erection.
  2. Inability to maintain an erection through intercourse.
  3. Complete inability to achieve an erection.

It is normal to experience erectile dysfunction on occasion. But if erectile dysfunction lasts longer than two months or is a recurring problem, see our doctor for a physical examination.

Now, moving on to the reasons for Erectile Dysfunction :

  1. Nervous Weakness
  2. Blood leakage inside the blood vessels of the penis.
  3. Alcoholism and other forms of drug abuse
  4. Psychological tension, confusion or fears.
  5. Lack of sex hormones.
  6. Diabetic
  7. Venereal diseases
  8. Multiple Sclerosis
  9. Certain prescription medications
  10. Hypertension

Affectionate ministration (Medication for Erectile Dysfunction)

A true value scientific combination of immensely potential ancient herbal Unani medico-combination prepared in RMH, under strenuous research and with dedication, makes it palpable for the client to surmount the sexual stumbling and bring forth the resurgence in life.

No One-day Magic Potion – The Sexual Resurrection ….

Our medicines are not Instant Libido Enhancers. They are created by antediluvian research and practice which resulted in the making of a secret combination of herbal medicines, which are designed to emancipate the cause of sexual disorders from its root and recuperate the sexual power.