Tips for Lasting longer in bed

LASTING LONGER IN BED – Desire and need for Sexual pleasure vary from person to person…

Sex, For some people, is just a normal routine without much significance in their life, they never dominate or take the lead and if their partner needs they are OK to go…

But for some others its the most soothing, loving and soulful thing that takes out all their stress and tensions and make them move happily in life.


Some people have no interest or low libido in sex, while some come up with very high libido and need…

In which category you fall into??..

But before that, think about your partners first…
If you both are at two different extremes and struggling to get the rapport, then its time to reschedule.

Tips for Lasting longer in bed

Long-lasting Foreplays for lasting longer in bed

Sex is not just penetration, vibrations and ejaculation. If you practice this always, What awaiting you is early ejaculation issues and many related sexual problems in sex.

Foreplays are the warm-up for doing Sex. Practice it more and you’ll see amazing results in bed. Good foreplays help you with good erection, boost your libido, increase intimacy and of course help to last longer in bed.

Be mindful for lasting longer in bed

Sexual excitement or arousal is the first and foremost requisite of sex. But what-if this excitement destroys the full fun! Be mindful is a good solution for controlling your overexcitement and unwanted triggers. Whenever you get that ejaculation trigger, change your concentration and mood by distracting yourself from that excitement. Know the tips for handling premature ejaculation to understand more about the handling of unexpected triggers.

Position correction for lasting longer in bed

Some positions or a new move give the extra feel and can trigger ejaculation. For instance, Some men tend to ejaculate soon in missionary position. Avoid such positions which give early Ejaculation feel. You can even try switching of positions in between, to last longer in bed. Understand which sex postures suits you well for comfortable and compatible sexual intercourse.

Be regular in sex for lasting longer in bed

Consistency in sex is an important factor for checking Premature Ejaculation issues. If you are regular in doing sex, it’s quite obvious that you will last longer in bed. During the 20s and 30s or even 40s men are very active in sex. But as they get older, they’re inactive in social life and sexual life as well. This gap or inconsistency can create problems in your sexual health.

Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is a common issue in men, which hinders the normal sexual activities of a person. It can be caused by psychological impacts like stress, depression, low confidence, low self-esteem etc. However, this prevents a person from lasting longer in bed. This affects the stamina and performance of that person. Performance anxiety will greatly affect a person when he’s trying sex with a new partner as well. In addition to this, Always avoid unprotected sex and encounters with unsafe partners to prevent yourself from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. However, if you have any doubts regarding STDs or VDs do consult our.sexologist for effective venereal diseases treatment 100% effective venereal disease treatment

Factors that prevents you from lasting longer in bed

Lack of quality Erection

How to last longer in bed without proper erection?
Erection issues can very much affect the timing of a person. A sexually healthy person can regain his erection. Even for a second round, or for that matter very soon after orgasm. However, for a person with erection issues, a quality erection will be a dream even for his first attempt. Then what’s the point in discussing about lasting longer in bed.

Know what can be the possible reasons for your erection issues and how to reinstate your erection power with the best Ayurvedic Medicine for erectile dysfunction

Penile Size Tensions

Yet another vital factor that affects the timing is over concerns and doubts regarding the Penis size. Of course, there are many factors that affect the Penis size of a person. Know more about Effective Penile Enhancement treatment and understand about myths and facts about your Penis size.

Rapid discharge or Early Climax issues

Climax happening at a very early stage is frustrating and disappointing to both partners. Premature Ejaculation affects the timing of a person very badly. Read more to know about tips and tricks for handling it effectively and efficiently with our best Ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation.

Adjustments never last longer in bed..

Adjustments between partners are vital in sexual life. But it is OK and good up to some extent, beyond a certain limit, it won’t work, problems and frustration will build up and eventually ends up in total disaster.

When your partner adjusts with your problems, don’t ever take it for granted, understand the chaos going through their mind, sometimes they might be suffering it silently without complaining…

But you can’t expect it to last longer… So act accordingly, because sexual incompatibilities are like volcanoes… Never wait for the volcanoes to erupt … take timely aid from our experienced sexologist. Contact us for a direct OR Online Tele video consultation and set your pace for the desired move, YES !!,  ADJUSTMENTS NEVER LAST LONGER IN BED

A life with ‘NO adjustments’ is awaiting….