How consistency in Vaginal Intercourse Aids Relationship?

Sex, undoubtedly the most beautiful feeling in this universe. However, according to our Indian culture, it’s easily accessible mostly to married couples. But unfortunately many couples ‘take it for granted’ without enjoying it to the fullest. Of course, there are couples who try Vaginal intercourse after many weeks or even months or years. Undoubtedly, Consistency in Vaginal Intercourse aids relationship between partners.

In fact, Sex alone is not the factor for determining the happiness in your life but sex, definitely plays a very important role in bringing positivity and happiness in your life.

Why consistency matters in sexual life?

Consistency is the key for a better Quality Sex-life. Moreover, more the consistency better the performance. Let us evaluate some benefits of having consistency in Vaginal Intercourse in your love life.

1. Consistency and intimacy:-


Firstly, Sex plays a very crucial role in creating and maintaining intimacy in a partnership. Studies show that Partners who are active in a healthy sexual life is much more attached and happy than sexually inactive couples. When partners are not active or inconsistent in sex life, there is a high chance to develop intimacy issues between partners. How about beautiful foreplay which ends in an enchanting Vaginal Intercourse?. It definitely works for your intimacy!!…

2. Be consistent to save your health.

Yes…Sex gives you health. Isn’t it amazing??..but how? Sex is the best exercise for keeping you healthy and happy. It’s undoubtedly the most soulful type of exercise because it’s an Exercise with enjoyment and Without boredom. Be regular!! is the first and foremost rule in exercise for best results, Same here.

3. Consistency in Sex is your responsibility.

Different People have different moods and likings. There are people who love to do vaginal intercourse every day. If your partner falls in that category, and you are not consistent, how distressed your partner will be!!. If not daily, some need it often. So, Be responsible. Ensure that your partner is getting what they really want. Making your partner happy is the key to a peaceful life, don’t you agree??..

4. Mindful sex for your mind and soul.

Sex relieves your stress and keeps your mind positive and active. It helps to keep your spirits high. Vaginal Intercourse is truly a pleasure zone for you and your partner. Getting relieved from stress and anxiety and helping you to get good sleep and positivity is a big deal in today’s stressful life. So why not grab that opportunity by simply being consistent in your love life.

5. Consistency and sexual health :

If you are facing any sort of sexual weakness, then consistency should be your primary focus. Not convinced??..yes if you face some issues with sex life…do consistent..See the results.. Thanks later!!.

For instance, if you have ejaculation issues then do try Vaginal intercourse regularly. In the course of time, your chance of untimely ejaculation reduces.

A person who is consistent in his sexual life has less chance of getting affected by sexual problems. Practice makes a man perfect, this theory works here also. Practice more to make your Sex-life perfect.

Are you facing troubles in your sex life?

Regular vaginal intercourse helps to keep many Sexual issues at bay. But Sometimes, even if you want to do more, you are unfortunately unable. Active Sex-life is sometimes difficult or impossible due to the troubles in physical or psychological conditions. Don’t succumb to sexual failures, Get it addressed by our sexologist and Be consistent in your love life because consistency does matter.

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