RMH is a pioneer institution engaged in sexual dysfunction treatment ,rooted deep in the historical Unani system of medicine equipped with the most modern infrastructure and techniques coupled with vast network of clinics with utmost medical care.

But above all it is the sincere and committed effort of our team of doctors whose deep knowledge in the system makes the backbone of this medical conglomerate.

Dr. I. J. Rana who is the current head of the clinic with an in-depth scientific knowledge in both Unani and Ayurvedic systems. His 45 years long career stands as an epitome of uncompromising perfection of Unani treatment. Dr. I. J. Rana is assisted by the fourth generation of family doctors who bear the torch of this divine and pertinent Unani medical know-how.

Dr. Althaf Ibrahem Rana heads the list of the fourth generation family doctors. Apart from the inherited medical knowledge he took his medical degree in Unani medicine and is specialised in Sexual Medicine. He possesses a back up experience of 14 years in his field with a phenomenal number of happy and contented patients. To add on, he is well versed in counselling the sexually disordered patients with calmness and empathy and also in the practice and execution of authentic Hijama treatment. He can be considered as one of the very few who had mastered in the legendary Hijama techniques. A concoction of consultation, counselling, diagnosis, medical therapy and Hijama with intuitive and innovative mastering keeps him a physician par excellence.

Dr. H. Ibrahim Rana too hails from the fourth generation of RMH doctors. His arena is Ayurveda backed with a B.A.M.S degree. He is proficient and specialised in Infertility and related sexual disorders. Infertility stricken patients were blessed to a new and peaceful path of life, as they desired ,under the guidance and treatment of our eminent Dr. H. Ibrahim Rana. Unlike other clinics, we offer infertility treatment & medicines which are affordable even to a layman.

Dr. Imran Ibrahim Rana is also a fourth generation doctor OF RMH, who is an expert in consultation, diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders. Innumerable satisfied patients stand as living proof of his dedicated and committed service

Dr.Rana's Medical Hall gives only Herbal Medicines which do not have any adverse drug reactions.