RMH prepares pure Unani – Ayurveda medicines extracted from medical herbs grown in our own herbal gardens. These extracts are scientifically processed and technically perfected. These herbal medicines are safe, effective and free from all harmful side effects. The clinic does not use any herbs, ingredients or extracts in our medicines banned or prohibited by the Department of Health, Govt of India. Our medicines no way imbalance the immune system rather they revitalise it to the fullest limit.

Course duration

For 99% of sexual disorders a modularized way of treatment is envisaged by RMH. As per the system each course of treatment is a module consisting of 30-60-120 days of medication depending upon age, gender, nature of the disease, occupation, life style genetic disposition and body change characteristics. The disease is cured from the root without disturbing the immune mechanism of the body by carefully giving processed and procured herbal drugs. For more information about our treatment Click Here

Dr.Rana's Medical Hall gives only Herbal Medicines which do not have any adverse drug reactions.