Why Erectile Dysfunction Occur In Men?

Erectile dysfunction for men happens due to many reasons. Many specialists on a  discussion on masturbation have found out unstable answers that are claimed to be a big cause of sexual dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

However, there are more cases like the use of sex toys, fingering or oral sex that can lead to the loss of the ability to maintain an erection or even it can result in a starting trouble. Notably, sexual intercourse is an action which is to be done between the opposite sexes so any activity between the same sex can undoubtedly cause ED.

Erectile Dysfunction In Aged Men  

Several studies have found out that men aged 58 have higher chances of getting an Erectile Dysfunction than people of younger age who have only 15% probability. In aged men, this disorder happens due to low supply of blood to the genitals unlike in younger men. Also, the muscles that support the ejaculatory fluid becomes powerless when we get old.

Regular Kegel Exercise Helps  

Kegel exercises on a regular basis can help strengthen the associated muscle in the right way. Apart from that, physical exercises are also essential to keep the well being of a man which must be practised during his youth to reduce the chance of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction For Young Men

It is very embarrassing to know that men at their young age experience the discomfort of erectile dysfunction. It can be caused by factors such as stress or any psychological difficulty. Other reasons include masturbation, smoking, touching the private parts etc.

Erectile Dysfunction For Men With Chronic Diseases

Men having chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis etc can experience erectile dysfunction in case no treatment is taken. This is due to the reduced ability to perform sexual activities as these diseases weaken the body.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

If we are looking for treatment options for erectile dysfunction, there is a vast variety of them which can cure and help you to start and maintain an erection. Some of the most common treatment includes Unani Medicine, counselling and physical exercise. Let us brief on each of them.

Unani Treatment

Unani puts forward a unique way of erectile dysfunction treatment where it gives herbal medicines to increase the ability to maintain erection power of a man. It also increases the blood flow to the genitals resulting in the improved potential to penetrate.


Factors such as stress, depression, and anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction, so approach a sexologist in India to get the counselling done which can help combat the situation.

Physical Exercise 

Several studies have suggested that men who are involved in more physical exercises have less chance of getting affected with ED as it helps strengthen the muscles related to the actions of the genitals.

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