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Herbal Clinic for Sexual Disorders

Permanent Solution for all types of Sexual Weakness in Men and Women

Leading Infertility Treatment Clinic in kerala

Begin Your Journey Towards Parenthood with Roy Medical Hall

Established Hijama Therapy Clinic Since 1960

Painless Cupping Therapy Treatment in Affordable Cost

Welcome To Roy Medical Hall

Roy Medical Hall is a deemed medical institution of the highest repute with a strictly strong foot hold in the basic tenets & principles of the Unani-Ayurveda systems of medicine. A galaxy of Herbal Clinics with a profound healing experience in the treatment of SEXUAL DISORDERS, INFERTILITY & expert executors of HIJAMA, RMH figures out as the most desirable sexual clinic of the state spanning over a period of nearly 6 decades....


Unani system is based on the Hippocratic theory that a perfect balance of ‘arkan’ (elements), ‘akhlat’ (humours) and ‘mizaj’ (temperament) helps in keeping the body and mind healthy.p>


We specialize in treating all kinds of Sexual Disorders, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Male and Female infertility through 100% Herbal medicines, as well as Authentic Hijama.


Ayurveda are an invaluable link to understanding, in detail, naturally healthy living. People everywhere are realizing the importance and benefits of taking personal responsibility for one’s own well being.


Hijama comes from the root word al-hajm, means 'sucking'. Cupping is the modern term of medical treatment in which a partial vacuum is created in cups that positioned onto the surface of the body.


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Free Online Consultation cum Medicines at your Door

Roy Medical Hall is committed to provide the best possible and effective treatment. The order medicine process is simple and straight forward because we want to make sure that you get the most suitable treatment with all the benefits and convenient services .

1. Online Consultation and Place Order
Just fill and submit the Consultation Form with the problem you suffering .

2. Dr. Althaf Rana reviews your Consultation and makes Diagnosis
Detailed medical investigation is initiated & observations will be recorded. You can even talk to our doctor +91 – 8848511462 (WhatsApp also available) for any clarifications. Medicines will be shipped to your door after detailed diagnosis .

3. Detailed Interaction with Patients
For thorough diagnosis, treatment & cure, detailed interaction with the client is an absolute need. For that, different sessions of interaction like email, phone calls and Skype may be required, as needed. We care your well-being! .

What people say about Us...

My frequent back pain has led by life to frustrations. I couldn't sleep, sit or walk well because of the continuous suffering and tried many treatments but, didn't help. It was the hijama cupping therapy that turned my life back to normal. Now, I can do everything as before, thanks to Roy.

What I felt with the advice and treatment of RMH is that they are highly professional in carrying out various treatments for all types of sexual disorders. Doctors here are also friendly with the patients and spend their free time giving consultations. They care a lot about our wellness.

I came to Roy clinic with an intention to get an online consultation through the online consultation form for my sexual health. I am about to get married next month and was keen to know how to maintain sexual health. Fortunately, I was in the right place and they guided me until I understand it fully.

I am 23 year old youth staying in Kochi. I was terrified when I came to know that I was caught in the clutches of sexually transmitted disease. The first impression Roy’s team of doctors gave helped me rebuild my confidence and trust in them. Finally, I was completely freed from the disease.

Trust your journey with Roy Medical Hall for a guaranteed Result! Talk to our Doctor
(91) 8848511462
(91) 8848511462