Dr. Althaf Ibrahem Rana
Consultant in Sexual Medicine & Hijama
Dr. Althaf Ibrahem Rana heads the list of the fourth generation family doctors. Apart from the inherited medical knowledge he took his medical degree in Unani medicine (B.U.M.S) and is...
Dr. H.I. Rana
Dr. H.I. Rana
Specialist in Ayurveda and Infertility
Dr. H. I. Rana, B.A.M.S., (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery), DNHE (Diploma in Nutrition and Health Edcation) son of Dr. I. J. Rana, consultant physician of Roy Medical Hall...
Dr. I. J. Rana
Unani Physician
In the year 1975, this clinic was taken in charge by Dr. I. J. Rana, Chief Consultant Unani Physician, (Government Registered) son in law of Dr. M. S. Roy. Since...
Dr. M. S. Roy
Dr. M. S. Roy
Roy Medical Hall an esteemed place of public service and service to mankind was started by Dr. M. S. Roy in the year 1960. He was an eminent. Unani Physician...