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What Men Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction?

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction
We define Erectile Dysfunction as the inability of a person to stimulate and maintain sexual intercourse, making it troublesome to carry out the activity and receiving pleasure and thereby reducing the chance to develop fertility chances. If you think you are one among them, there is no need to hesitate as ED is a common issue nowadays. Usually, men feel embarrassed to even discuss the problem with a doctor for sexual diseases. Being hidden with your doctor will eventually land you in sufferings or even can lead to tragic problems later on in future.
Picking Some Stats From Several Studies
In India, various studies have revealed that there are over 20 million cases in men reported with erectile dysfunction. It has also paved the way to learn that the disorder normally varies with age. We unveil some of the statistics to get a better understanding of how common ED is among different age groups. It has been found that around 52% of the men are affected on an average, 40% those in the age 40’s and 70% in the their 70’s are heavily impacted due to ED.
Tackle Its Inconvenience By Discussion
From the above statistics itself, you must have got an insight that this is a major issue widely spread worldwide among men that put him down in front of his partner. The basic thing men need to know is that erectile dysfunction is just a medical condition rather than being a lot to be guilty for. It is also curable with the help of a Specialist Sexologist. Note that, talking this issue to the doctor is the starting step towards healing it completely.
Taking Alternatives Are Not Effective
There are men who turn into many other activities like meditation, self-injections, testosterone replacement therapy and even surgery to treat the trouble of erectile dysfunction. Notably, this isn’t an ideal solution to the problem and it welcomes many bigger problems in future. Some of them may not be comfortable with any of these too. RMH clinic proposes a 100% and effective cure for ED and its side effects in a most natural way called Unani treatment.
We use a blended formula of Ayurvedic and the concept of the ancient Unani treatment and massages with the help of medicated oils to completely eliminate ED. Approach the erectile dysfunction treatment clinic in to learn about the disorder and treat it effectively.
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Managing The Sperm Problems With Unani Herbal Medication

It’s a common condition that arises in most of the couple’s marital life. The matter where infertility strikes the duo, the blame will predominantly fall on the women. So, the struggle comes to them but women, be aware of the fact that men are equally responsible for infertility.

Sperm Problems Might Be The Issue Too

It does not always fall the same issue like erectile dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation . Problem with sperm include factors like low motility, capacity and irregularly shaped sperm. Symptoms indicating the struggle are high blood pressure, skin disorders, heart problems etc.

Characteristics Infertility Clinics Look For During Sperm Analysis

Vaginal canal in women is designed in such a way that it allows only healthy sperms to enter the area to help fertilize the ovum. Even though sperms have the capability to survive harsh conditions, infertility specialists in India inspect for primarily 3 conditions. Let us check out each of them.

Low Sperm Count

The main reason behind the boost of infertility is the less availability of the sperms in men. After the sperm creation, it is multiplied by many and stored until it is ejaculated by indulging in any sexual activities. It is then fused with other fluids inside men to produce semen.

From this, it is straightforward that the lesser you ejaculate, the lower will be your sperm count. The number of sperms should be equivalent to 20 million sperms per millilitre of semen, for you to be considered sexually healthy. Despite the fact that low sperm count does not always result in infertility, it is suggested by low sperm count specialists to check for the count regularly if you are trying to conceive.

Irregular Motility Of Sperms

Sperm motility refers to the movement of the sperm inside. They are capable to move far or near with their head and tail structure as it helps them propels them to the
destination. However, if the irregular movement of sperms or if it doesn’t move at all, conception would be a tough job without the help of an infertility clinic.

Unusually Shaped Sperms

There are numerous reasons that lead to forming abnormally shaped sperms. A sperm’s morphology consists of head, body and tail. Each part has its own function and to fertilize the egg. Any abnormality in its structure can affect fertility too. However, you can’t control that factor, it is essential for you to conceive.
There are numerous couples specifically struggling from the clutches of sperm issues alone. Why not try the Unani treatment which can monitor and solve the issue of infertility and reduce the complications in men and women. For more visit : http://www.roymedicalhall.com/service/male-infertility/ .


Herbal Medication Of Hijama Against All Ills

Hijama cupping therapy is a miraculous medicine because initially it was chosen as a treatment for treating conditions like body pain but now the therapy has leveraged beyond all this to emerge as a multi-functional way to cure almost all kinds of diseases. The fascinating method is nowadays popular to heal problems like back pain and migraines too.

Clinical Benefits of Cupping

Hijama is beneficial in a variety of ways. It is used to solve a wide range of symptoms caused by external pathogens and flushes out toxins through the skin pores, declutter the entire bloodstream and enhance its circulation throughout the body. Hijama is also leading medication known to reduce stress and depression by releasing chemicals from the inside out.

Don’t Hesitate To Try Cupping Therapy, It Does No Harm!

You don’t have to worry about any internal damage as cupping procedure applies a nill pressure on the organs and is proved to be tested on any part of the body where you feel the persistent pain. However, according to Unani traditional perspective, it is recommended to use the medication only at a particular six sites on your body.

Save Yourself From Over Dozens of Known Diseases!

Numerous diseases that can be cleansed by getting hold of hijama therapy. We list out some of them here – back pain, skin problems, headache, flu, hair loss, rheumatic pain, fertility issues, migraine, injuries, period pain, stress, depression, common cold, fatigue, asthma, stomach pain and much more!

Studies Proved To Provide Other Benefits Too

As the technological innovation in the medical field is reaching top heights, many new unknown facts have also been revealed by experts. They state that cupping is capable to strengthen your immunity power too. As it improves the blood flow throughout the body, it enables essential nutrients to reach the affected organ or site and energize its functionality. Moreover, liver and kidney related issues can also be taken care of by hijama.

Cupping Types & Its Uses

Mainly, there are two types of cupping therapy used- dry cupping and wet cupping. Let us look into both in precise.

Dry cupping is placed with suction cups and a surgical cut is not made so that blood will not be removed. Whereas, wet cupping cut open the skin post placing the suction cups so that the impure blood is drained through the opening.

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