Role and Effects of Unani Medicines & Treatment for Infertility


Infertility has become a common word these days. The state of failure to conceive is known as Uqr (Infertility). Being unable to conceive even after multiple attempts can be often disappointing. Infertility problems in both males and females have been on an unbelievable rise. Nearly 10-15% of couples are infertile in India.

Major contributions for female infertility are hormone imbalances, PCOS, Endometriosis, Hyperandrogenism, etc, where as for males, they are low numbers or poor quality of sperm. Other factors like diabetes, obesity, thyroid problems, stress and anxiety contribute to both male and female infertility. Reasons such as weight, diet, smoking, other substance abuse, environmental pollutants, infections, medical conditions, medications and family medical history could affect conception in couples, which could also affect only either of the partners.

A proven and harmless way of treating Infertility is through Unani medicine, which provides great results. These are herbal drugs mentioned in Unani literature which are useful in infertility. In Unani medicine, the response in infertility has been mentioned in the classical texts. Further, these medicines are safe and having no side effects as compared to modern medicine.

Battling Infertility through Unani


Lifestyle habits like sleeping pattern, substance abuse, dietary practices and lack of any exercise or physical activities contribute immensely towards the reproductive health of an individual. Leading a sedentary lifestyle or eating unhealthy foods can result in an accelerated built up of toxins in the body which disrupts the balance between the four humors (Dum or blood, Sauda or black bile, Balgham or Phlegm, Safra or yellow bile). These disruptions affect the reproductive health of an individual making it difficult for them to conceive.

This is where Unani emerges as a saviour. Millions of hopeless couples have embraced parenthood naturally and safely without any complications or side effects, through Unani. Unani has been used since ancient times in India (as early as the 11th century).

The basic principle of Unani treatment is based on temperament. According to the Unani medicine, health is reflection of equilibrium in four humors with respect to their quantity and quality, conferring Mizaj Tabai to the human body, necessary for occurrence of normal functions. Any disturbance in the equilibrium of these four Akhlat leads to Sue Mizaj (distemperment), responsible for abnormal bodily functions and a reflection of disease. Sue Mizaj Maddi means a derangement in Mizaj tabai coupled with abnormality in Madda (material).


Diagnosis of infertility as per Unani system of medicine

It is essential to rule out whether failure of conception is due to male or female sterility. This requires detailed microscopic examination of semen. If the fact is established that it is the woman who is sterile. The primary aim is to find the exact cause this requires an ideal questionnaire about complete history of patient, thus enquiring into the duration of the disability. This would also reveal any of the etiological factors mentioned earlier.

Examination of genital organs should be carried out with perfections because many a times the defect is suspected on such examinations.

Try to extract the knowledge from patient such as her conditions at the time of menses & her feelings at the time of intercourse.

For secondary sterility, previous abortion or delivery’s details should be investigated.

Detail knowledge of usage of contraceptives by the patient should be detected.

There are three types of therapies in this approach.


Ilaj Bil Ghiza (Diet therapy):

Unani highlights the importance of healthy and nutritious eating in dealing with infertility. The food that one takes in can play a pivotal role in improving the quantity as well as the quality of eggs and sperms. With healthy eating, one also needs to lead a more relaxed and active life. Meditation, mild to moderate exercise and physical activities also work wonders to restore the hormonal balance. In general, protein rich food like nuts, leafy vegetables, fish, eggs, whole grain food, etc are known to improve the condition of infertility in both genders. For men, citrus fruits, Vitamin A sources, garlic, nuts and seeds contribute significantly to deal with infertility and related problems. For women, the fertility boosting food items include eggs, milk, yam, nuts, and lean meat and poultry. Processed foods, saturated and Trans fats, drinks containing caffeine and alcohol, simple carbohydrates, soy products, tofu, fish with a high mercury content should be avoided during this phase.

Ilaj Bil Dawa or Pharmacotherapy:

Unani medicines (herbal concoctions and formulations) have provided a ground breaking method to deal with fertility problems including low libido, sperm and egg mortality and morphology, enhancing the sperm count. Some of the herbs often used in treating infertility include Withania somnifera, Nigella sativa, Sida cordifolia, Asparagus adscendens, Tribulus terrestris.

Ilaj Bil Tadbeer or Regimental Therapy:

This is a detoxification process which flushes out the harmful toxins from the body, as having too much of them can immensely interfere with the fertility in both men and women.

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