Managing The Sperm Problems With Unani Herbal Medication

It’s a common condition that arises in most of the couple’s marital life. The matter where infertility strikes the duo, the blame will predominantly fall on the women. So, the struggle comes to them but women, be aware of the fact that men are equally responsible for infertility.

Sperm Problems Might Be The Issue Too

It does not always fall the same issue like erectile dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation . Problem with sperm include factors like low motility, capacity and irregularly shaped sperm. Symptoms indicating the struggle are high blood pressure, skin disorders, heart problems etc.

Characteristics Infertility Clinics Look For During Sperm Analysis

Vaginal canal in women is designed in such a way that it allows only healthy sperms to enter the area to help fertilize the ovum. Even though sperms have the capability to survive harsh conditions, infertility specialists in India inspect for primarily 3 conditions. Let us check out each of them.

Low Sperm Count

The main reason behind the boost of infertility is the less availability of the sperms in men. After the sperm creation, it is multiplied by many and stored until it is ejaculated by indulging in any sexual activities. It is then fused with other fluids inside men to produce semen.

From this, it is straightforward that the lesser you ejaculate, the lower will be your sperm count. The number of sperms should be equivalent to 20 million sperms per millilitre of semen, for you to be considered sexually healthy. Despite the fact that low sperm count does not always result in infertility, it is suggested by low sperm count specialists to check for the count regularly if you are trying to conceive.

Irregular Motility Of Sperms

Sperm motility refers to the movement of the sperm inside. They are capable to move far or near with their head and tail structure as it helps them propels them to the
destination. However, if the irregular movement of sperms or if it doesn’t move at all, conception would be a tough job without the help of an infertility clinic.

Unusually Shaped Sperms

There are numerous reasons that lead to forming abnormally shaped sperms. A sperm’s morphology consists of head, body and tail. Each part has its own function and to fertilize the egg. Any abnormality in its structure can affect fertility too. However, you can’t control that factor, it is essential for you to conceive.
There are numerous couples specifically struggling from the clutches of sperm issues alone. Why not try the Unani treatment which can monitor and solve the issue of infertility and reduce the complications in men and women. For more visit : .

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