Know Everything About Leucorrhoea

What Is Leucorrhoea ?

Also known as whites, leucorrhoea is a condition where an excessive white or yellowish discharge coming from the vagina in females. The sticky fluid will be thick and commonly characterized by a foul smell. Even though there are many reasons for the occurrence of leucorrhoea, mainly it occurs due to unhygienic conditions or vaginal infections.

White Discharge : The Condition Where Women Worry

Since this discharge happens in women, it is a highly irritating and often they feel embarrassed in front of public or friends due to this. Moreover, they never interest to talk or discuss the topic even with the doctor due to which it will become difficult to diagnose and treat.

Causes Of Leucorrhoea

There are many reasons for the rise of leucorrhoea in women. Some of which are:

❖ Uncontrolled intake of unhealthy food which includes junk foods and those
containing a lot of oil and spice.

❖ In many teenage girls, hormonal imbalance due to psychological tension can be
a reason for leucorrhoea.

❖ Involving in sexual activity beyond a limit can trigger white discharge in women.

❖ The menstrual cycle is a mandatory process for every woman and if a healthy lifestyle or proper dieting is not followed, white discharge comes as a worrying factor.

❖ Not maintaining a hygienic vagina can lead to leucorrhoea in females.

❖ Habits like smoking, alcoholism and using other drugs can result in the sticky
fluid coming out.
What Are Its Symptoms?
Some of the signs and symptoms of leucorrhoea include:


❖ The whitish or yellowish discharge which is thick in nature.

❖ You may experience abdominal pain in the lower part.

❖ The occurrence of pain when you indulged in sexual activities.

❖ An acute itchy feeling in your vagina.

❖ Feeling of pain on your legs or back pain.

❖ Less quantity of urination takes place more frequently.

❖ A foul smell with frothy liquid will leak from your vagina.

❖ Sore spots or rashes can be seen near the genital organs.


What Are The Treatment Methods For White Discharge?
Even though there are numerous treatments available for leucorrhoea in women, Unani medication is one of the best ways to try. Using these medicines can easily cure some symptoms & signs mentioned above like back pain, abdominal pain and recovers the urinary system’s capabilities to control the reactions.
The combination of some Ayurvedic medicines with that of Unani’s can help in preventing obesity, boosts genital health as well as general health of women. The medicines we provide are natural and antimicrobial in nature can easily treat the effects of leucorrhoea on the mucous membrane as well as in the genitals. Lets talk to our doctor for your queries : .

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