How Effective is Ayurveda for the Treatment of Sexual Disorder ?

Sexual function, which is an important human activity, is a complex blend of neurological, anatomic, metabolic, psychic and endocrine factors. This physical activity aids in mental upliftment and relaxation. In case when any one of the sexual partners gets dissatisfied, there is disturbance in family life. The male partner is always concerned about his capacity to satisfy his female counterpart. Problems pertaining to erection, retention and early ejaculation are referred to as sexual dysfunction.

Sex and Ayurvedic Texts

The study of sex – from both psychological and physical perspectives – has been practiced in India since ancient times, though the country’s social structures are quite strict on this. Till today, the most comprehensive documentation on the practice of sex is the Maharishi Vatsayana’s Kamasutra. More than 3,000 years ago, CharakaSamhita, the ancient Ayurvedic text, provided complete solutions to sexual disorders. Thus, Ayurveda has deep roots in treating sexual disorders.

Ayurveda refers a person who is unable to carryout and maintain sufficient erection for mutually satisfying intercourse as dhajabhanga or klaibya. The classical and compilation Ayurveda works deal with sexuality, fertility, sexual health, sexual issues, and solutionsin an exclusive chapter called as vajikaranatantra. Explanations and discussions about klaibya and vajikarana are found in all kind of Ayurveda texts ranging from Veda to present day text. Since, Ayurveda understands that the sexual urge is the most powerful biological drive, its vajikaranatanatra clearly and comprehensively discusses the treatment of sexual disorders. It offers sexual disorder treatment for both the mind and the body.

Sexual Disorders Treated by Ayurveda

Ayurveda deals with sexual disorders faced by both males and females as it has been developed by ancient Indian doctors with the realization that mutual satisfaction of both the sexual partners is important for an enjoyable sex life.With its varied herbal remedies, it treats sexual disorders such as premature ejaculation, sexual deficiency or unsatisfactory erection, lack of libido, oligospermia, nocturnal emissions or permatorrhoea, sexual weakness in the elderly, and impotency in males; and menopause, loss of libido, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and dyspareunia in females. Consumption of the specific herbal preparations recommended by Ayurveda helps enjoy sex regularly via replenished vigor, energy, strength and stamina. It also suggests various diet and lifestyle amendments which should be followed along with these herbal remedies to eradicate these sexual disorders.

Effectiveness of Ayurveda for sexual disorder treatment

Ayurveda understands the fact that sex is an integral part of everyone’s daily habit. So, italso discusses many crucial points regarding sexwhich have to be kept in mind to enjoy sex to the fullest. These includeaspects pertaining to the timing, digestion, physical conditions, preparation, moderation, frequency, and effect of seasons on sexual activity. If all these treatments and suggestions are followed dedicatedly, sexual disorders can be effective treated, and one can lead an enjoyable sex life.


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